Saturday, February 23, 2013

First Transfer--Feb 19th 2013

This is part of the email from him this past week also!

Oh mother you are super funny! No I have not gotten the package yet, when we get transferred we don't get anything for a bit and we have to wait for all of the mail to be forwarded. My new companion is awesome! His name is Elder Tuttle and he was in the mtc with me and boy is it fun. I had two baptisms last week and I have one this week and next week they were crazy and it will be getting more crazy as the days go on. The mission is awesome my new area is jasper indiana and boy is it a blast. I will send you pictures next week or so; we are just rushed because we have to get a few things done today and we have to drive down to owensboro to exchange so that my trainer the district leader, can come interview our baptismal candadate. Boy is mission life fun! You now are getting a taste of the josh broadhead complex :)  Tell Nate hi and that he will start losing hair soon so he should stop being so excited to get older  LOL :) it is so much fun being with some one at my same level out here and boy do we have fun. Tell everyone that I love them and I wish the best and tell Ender he is awesome and I cant wait for when he can come out also tell Jon he better hurry up and go on a mission because that meteor is gonna strike soon :) love all yall
ELDER Dursteler

Thursday, February 21, 2013

January 22 email

mother dearest i love you  so especially your cooking and dishwasher i am doing well as can be ***
that is awesome that yall got the fireplace working and the works i have been dying here man the cold is so different here the expression the wind cut into us like a knife comes all more to life here cause it about freezes you to death boyo and the ice rain is killer i will tell you abotu it in a letter that i wil send it was a funny experience *** 
tell everyone hi and that this is the best and hardest thing ever everyone needs some spiritual bro time for two years:) love yall