Monday, January 14, 2013

Update for all of our friends!

This is just what a mother wants to hear!!!
"so i have not taken any more pictures lately we have been too busy it is so much fun i love all yall lots and i am sorry that i cant write mor but we have too many apppointments"

Just got this hot off the email press this morning!!!  I know other mothers would be unhappy about the whole small letter syndrome, but if he is that busy, I am great with it!!!  I hope all of you out there remember to write to him!  He loves hearing from each of you!

He's the bomb!

Monday, January 7, 2013

This weeks pictures...

Well its good to see he isn't lacking in the personality department!  I bet he keeps his district and Zone laughing... I would even gather that by the end of the mission he will having the whole Mission laughing.

Done only as Andrew could do...wonder where he got that awesome shirt! HA HA HA

He didn't explain this one, but the barn is cool and the skiff of snow...boy don't I wish right now.


This is a Veterans Memorial, and after taking the pict, he decided they really shouldn't have done that...He said he "will not do it again".  Only Andrew!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Our christmas visit!

Here is a pict of him on SKYPE!!  He's asking how much time he has left to talk!  It was so much fun meeting his comp and some of the members he loves!

Paper letters are here!

Well here are his latest letters and christmas card! It was soooooo good hearing and seeing him for Christmas!  I love Skype!!!

Here are the letters we just received from him...back dated to the 15th of Nov.  Right before he left the MTC!