Monday, January 7, 2013

This weeks pictures...

Well its good to see he isn't lacking in the personality department!  I bet he keeps his district and Zone laughing... I would even gather that by the end of the mission he will having the whole Mission laughing.

Done only as Andrew could do...wonder where he got that awesome shirt! HA HA HA

He didn't explain this one, but the barn is cool and the skiff of snow...boy don't I wish right now.


This is a Veterans Memorial, and after taking the pict, he decided they really shouldn't have done that...He said he "will not do it again".  Only Andrew!


  1. I can't see the pictures!!!!! Want to see the pictures!!!! :)

  2. not sure if it is my computer or what but all of these pictures are not pictures as far as i can see .... they look like primary colors on a square background ... so i hope that maybe they were put in wrong ... and not my computer ... :)

  3. Same here!! I can't see any Pictures!!!!