Friday, November 22, 2013

September 2013!!

Wow Jon is growing so fast and man he already has his passport that is crazy! We are emailing on Tuesday cause labor day shut down everything and everyone was drunk as skunks and there was a bunch of barbecues. It is crazy how the people are so different here than there, the culture is crazy different but it is so the way Brother Linker now calls me goober cause you said "love ya goobers!" and he is convinced that is my nickname. It is funny as all get out. Well I have to email Dad and the boys so I will send a letter when I get it finished.   Love ya, 

More August 2013...

Andrew--Here is my new companion in more transfer and I hit my year mark holy crazy well me and elder woehl are just rocking gtown and it has been a blast

 its so weird that I havent set foot in water for almost a full year at least to swim baptisms don't count the sunset looks beautiful where ever yall are where is it located and is the scenery pretty there boyo its pretty here its almost too green there is green everywhere ad the bike has only almost killed me like two times and I have only had a mild conncussion so far :) yeah that was fun .......the next care package can I request gardettos? :) they are oh so good and Elder W says hi love yall fer eva and fer aldays ELDER D 
true kentucky and we got brother linker i cant wait for yall to meet him you will die laughing so hard

Moms side note: Bro Linker is Awesome, he called me to let me know I have a wonderful young man for a son, I think every mother wants to hear that!

August---The Normal Andrew back to work!! ha ha ha ha

Here is Kentucky crossbow shooting and wood cutting...
 This is the member who let them shoot and then had fun poising!
Andrew was the only one in his group of missionaries who knew how to run and use a Chainsaw...they have done lots of service, doing wood!  He loves it!

June 2013 Beautiful Kentucky!

Some awesome pictures and guess who is in my zone that's getting trained by one of the elders that I love.....I am crouching in that picture and they are tippy toeing...

Notes from mom: This is Adam Hill(on the left), who was one of Andrew's Choir buddies at Kuna High School who, I might add, Andrew has not seen in about 3 years!!

Not much for May...just wanted to hear from us...goober!

Jon looks so good in his graduation gown man he is going strong on the right path I am happy he didnt follow his older brothers example and be stupid and leave on his mission so late that his brother four years younger would be leaving on his mission while he was on his......btw I miss all yall too more than you would be proud of me though I have instituted red sgetti in my districts and everyone that hasnt had some feels extremely left out it is so funny how much of a hit it is love your son. 
Elder Dew Man Dursteler

Months of Update! April to November--APR 29th 2013

FIRST is the chicken nuggets that I made. SECOND is my new district the deep south brotherhood and yes that is Elder Anderson my trainer, he is my current zone leader and my companion is the district leader. It is like they want me to go to all of the areas ;) that means I get to speak with the many folk of Kentucky. THIRD the mini mtc that we as missionaries got to go on splits with two youth and go teach the restoration all day, one of them reminded me of Jon and one reminded me of Jake, it was kinda crazy!

my tie bin i have gotten so many they wont fit on two tie racks and i have some of the ugliest ties ever it is awesome

and the second is of me my confederate flag my gutair and my batman like a awesome person!