Friday, April 19, 2013

April 15th Update!

So here is the latest!  He loves his mission and loves the people...good combination for sure!

Andrew--wow that is a whole lot of goings on and it seems like y'all have hung in there like a hare in a biscuit. 
1st --picture with my name cause I am a saint :)
2nd--picture of my District Leader, his companion, Elder Barlow and I.
3rd--Welcome to Kentucky!
Andrew---dead birdie we hit on the way back from transfer meeting.
District leader Elder Fry trying to eat me.
A good ol' country drive.

Mom---Just have to tell you about dinner yesterday.  We talked about what we miss the most about you and spent the next hour sitting at the table and reminising and laughing and eating cruotons!  Kolten cant wait to meet you, he is quite a guy, he had to be to still be friends with Nate even after being his comp!!! ha ha ha  He was the one to keep helping me and totally seperating the legos last night!  
Oh hey!!! we are getting the back porch cement!!!!  I CAN'T WAIT!!!  LV MOM  
Have a great week and always rmember we love love love love love love (take a breathe) love love love you

Andrew--oh man now I need a crouton fix.  Kolten sounds like a great guy....just wait until you can meet my companions some are just like me and then there are some that are not, there is no middle ground.

Note from Mom---
We sent Andrew a packet for Easter and found some fun candy for him...only Andrew would appreciate it!!
Andrews reply---just got the packet it was intresting esppecially the edible grass :)

Friday, April 5, 2013

March Madness! Plus end of month Transfer!

March 4 2013
This is the awesome pictures of the first person I have baptized his name is T*****, also the second one is me and elder T*** after some sanding of the joint compound for some awesome service and a brownie the size of my face that I had to eat.

March 18, 2013
just found out i am getting transfered again out of jasper it has been a short five weeks here and tomorrow at transfer meeting i will find out where i am going it is crazy to see how truly fast time goes is everything going on the home front btw all with ender and dads new job and all you sound like its kinda been crazy i am excited to hear that you are starting up school again......btw 8) also melody and the girls have written me and it has been so fun to read letters from everyone it is always so awesome i love all yall and wish the best for all of ya I keep you in my prayers and i think of ya every day also mom thank you for the help you were with D***** it was a heaven sent thing that you had two add adhd kids to help her and i have heard "its not an option" way too many times already:) love you

March 25, 2013

Two sweet new belt buckles that i got from investigators and me in front of the ohio river


The first picture is of t*****I got to baptize him. 
The next is of D**** and her family minus three of the kids they were in bed
The next one is of me and my next companion in Cambellsville, Kentucky his name is elder b**** and he is legit.

Mar 28th, 2013
I was transfered to Campbellsville, Kentucky and if you check out the pictures you can see my new companion Elder B****
Just stick with the mission office address it seems that president is set to transfer me quite a bit throughout my mission so just to be on the safe side just stick with the address that you already have love all yall and happy easter.
I just passed the five month mark and I am working on the sixth crazy how fast time flies when you are having a blast!