Friday, April 19, 2013

April 15th Update!

So here is the latest!  He loves his mission and loves the people...good combination for sure!

Andrew--wow that is a whole lot of goings on and it seems like y'all have hung in there like a hare in a biscuit. 
1st --picture with my name cause I am a saint :)
2nd--picture of my District Leader, his companion, Elder Barlow and I.
3rd--Welcome to Kentucky!
Andrew---dead birdie we hit on the way back from transfer meeting.
District leader Elder Fry trying to eat me.
A good ol' country drive.

Mom---Just have to tell you about dinner yesterday.  We talked about what we miss the most about you and spent the next hour sitting at the table and reminising and laughing and eating cruotons!  Kolten cant wait to meet you, he is quite a guy, he had to be to still be friends with Nate even after being his comp!!! ha ha ha  He was the one to keep helping me and totally seperating the legos last night!  
Oh hey!!! we are getting the back porch cement!!!!  I CAN'T WAIT!!!  LV MOM  
Have a great week and always rmember we love love love love love love (take a breathe) love love love you

Andrew--oh man now I need a crouton fix.  Kolten sounds like a great guy....just wait until you can meet my companions some are just like me and then there are some that are not, there is no middle ground.

Note from Mom---
We sent Andrew a packet for Easter and found some fun candy for him...only Andrew would appreciate it!!
Andrews reply---just got the packet it was intresting esppecially the edible grass :)

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