Wednesday, October 31, 2012

On Our Way to the MTC--Halloween Day!

The drive down and the nerves are setting in!
As we came up to the Provo Temple parking lot to take some family picts, a gentleman decides to pull a u-turn right as we are almost past him, he didn't even see us till the crunch happened...Eric (Andrews father), said Andrews mother was saying over and over...NO NO NO NO NO!  I actually thought it was all in my head! (this is Andrews mother speaking), yes, we still laugh about it.

Well, here is our lovely picture which was supposed to have the temple in the background!  Ahhh, the memories though!
This is Andrews type of memory making!!!  You know what a blessing.  No one was hurt, we were within walking distance from the MTC, so if we hadn't been able to drive the suburban  we could have walked him over...can you see the MTC in the background!  Now that's a story worth pictures!!

Poor ole thing!

Did the officer really think he would get a serious report from any of these goofballs?

The whole wonderful Family!
The wreck DID give cousin Meagan, her husband Tyler and little Ty, time to come see us and  say good- bye to Andrew!

The Officer and Andrew hit it off greatly!!!

This is the closest we got to the you see the spire with Moroni on it?  Thank you Jake for the photo bomb!


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