Monday, November 19, 2012

Kentucky here he comes!

Well, I have to add my thoughts this morning, we woke up to the phone ringing with non other than our very own Elder Dursteler!  It was so great hearing from him!!!  He sounds wonderful and we couldn't get in enough talk time with him!  His flight leaves at 7:20 this morning and will arrive in Kentucky in 9 HOURS!!!  He loved the MTC (not like you couldn't tell from his letters!), we all talked so fast that I can't remember much of what was said!  His mission president has given them permission to view their blog, so if any of you who would like to comment, he will be able to view it! We are so excited for him, and very, very proud too.  He will rock the socks off of Kentucky!

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  1. that is so wonderful , i know he will bring souls unto the gospel. What a great start for a young mans life ...