Monday, December 10, 2012

Blog Update for month of DECEMBER!

From: Andrew Dursteler []
Sent: Monday, December 10, 2012 10:36 AM
To: Eric Dursteler
Subject: Re: letter to Elder D

hey the work is treating me extremely well the food is amazing theres almost too much of it i have learned to burn it off fast its amazing that here they have winter and i have never been in a warmer winter and more humid place it rains constantly and when it is not raining your still wet from the humidity its funny though the rain comes in waves its drizzles and the you start hearing it and then you run for cover its kinda like the primary song the rains came down and the floods came up i never new how true that song was until i got here. on sundays we go and eat at the fuquas and the fedors both have amazing food and its funny the fuquas have cheese, crackers, summer sausage and sweet jalipenos that is the appitizer and then its the four crock pots full of roast, potatos, bean and ham soup, and of course the apple and cherry gumbo and the plates are as big as the platters that the roast is served on in our house and if theres any room on it left over you get harassed to all ends and they both feed us on sunday so we leave there then we go over to the fedors and it like they think we are from etheopia and that we need to be shoveled food into it is really amazingthe kinds of food here and then theres the different drinks if you can try to find yoohoo its a choclate drink that comes in a can and it is amazing also L8 it is a ginger ale made specially here in kentucky and there is nothing i could compare it to othere than its better than the victor ginger ale...all in all the food here is amazing and it is so much fun its really funny though that we only have a branch in owensboro KY the fourth largest city in kentucky but we have a goal to make it a ward by the time i am done training it willl be awesome we also have like five baptisimal dates set up and we are going to have a few more here in the next few days boy is it fun to not have to worry about the world it is amazing that if you just keep your mind and actions toward the gospel being homesick really is insignificant compared to anything else it is so great because "i get to leave my family for two years so that others can be with theres for eternity" ....i am extremely happy that your work is going well i have realized how lucky we were in logan and all the places we have lived that we have been able to get jobs here the economy is so bad they have soup kitchens all over and we teach like five familys whose fathers only income is from menial labor and three of them got layed off....the best part of people here is that everyone talks about god and jesus christ and that they all love him so much it is amazing faith these people have and the love they show one another it is the greatest thing ever


p.s. not even the mission president can say our last name so its grand that i am used to that :)

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