Monday, December 10, 2012

More Dec 10th Updates

thank you for the letter through dear elder ...i really have a great trainer he gets on my nerves but i love him and he is teaching me so much and his family has already sent me a stocking  :) hint hint :) just kidding dad said that work has been pretty go and go with the mine and all but i hope that you have been having fun without me :) i have not felt home sick yet because of the funny circumstances that befell us when i was going into the mtc i just remember that and its all good and the good bye at the mtc was awesome because all of us were smiling... my suits are getting loose on me and they are extremely more comfortable than i thought they were going to be and i look stinkin awesome in them s you may know well got  to email the prez so i will email ya later

the first picture is our gingerbread churros that elder manzano helped us make


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  1. so you know that having a banjo is just a gateway instrument to red-neckness!