Saturday, February 22, 2014

September/October with Elder Larson!!

So I may have figured out how to make movies...

From Mom----Jon says he cant believe how lucky you are to be with Chad, he is great! He says to challenge him to a game of basketball! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ah ah
So how are you doing?  Jon is helping me in the library today, I am Paula! We have started an excersize program, bike one day, lift one is fun, I will be sad when he goes, but alas you will be here in a year to take his place!!! HA HA HA HA HA HA
This week was crazy! we ran here and there and still didnt get all acomplished....but went to another farewell, and then stopped by Grandma D's and had dinner. Desire, the twins and Dale were there too, it is so fun playing with them.
Oh dad went to the doctor and he said he is healing real well and now only has eight weeks till he can jump in it! sheesh, could you see dad jumping up and down.
Have a good week goober
lv mom

Andrew---Yeah you will have to show his mom the video he is pretty funny and tell Jon he is amazing at basket ball and very competitive tell every one i am praying for them and that I love them.

I see elder larson every day because we live in a four elder apartment it is great
That Bro Linker is a hoot, I think you deserve to be called goober! It will remind you every time he says it...that we LOVE YOU!!  YOU GOOBER!!!! ha ha ha ha ha ha ah ha ha aha ha ha ha

Mother the longboard for jake is very appropriate, he is a little hipster and it is funny to see the sideways hat on the brothers and I can just see dad cringing inside when he sees them. Brother Linker says he thinksyou are a funny person you all need to meet him he is just a hoot.

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