Monday, March 3, 2014

March 3rd, Sure Love my Family!

 Mmmmmoooooooommmmmmmmm waz up! So a lot has happened this week, starting off with me getting sick and not being able to make it to church cause I was hurkin and then of course my companion got sick later in the week. Boy was it fun! We also have some sweet people we have been teaching; one of them being a guy named Justin. Oh boy, he is crazy but so much fun! He has this Kawasaki bullet bike and well....its fast! He is pretty awesome.......we are trying to do more investigator relations things than anything else, and I am just the elder for the job!  It should be an interesting experience.....but on other things; everything is going great! Heartburn is just more frequent, me and tums are now best friends ;).  Oh yea, we also went out tracting the other day and found a super nice family that we haven't been able to get back in with, but we are hopeful. Everything is awesome here in Kentucky. BTW, it is crazy being able to look across the river and think "That's Indiana, also the outside of our mission!!" Cool thought :)...
remember i love yall

I see so many disfunctional familys here and the kids end up doing things that "nobody can explain", but not as missionarys; we see the other side.
It is crazy to see the absolute cycle that the world just can't figure out. I am just happy that as missionarys, we can bring some semblance of peace into their homes and lives. Remember I am praying for yall and am constantly thinking about you.
The lessons I teach others now, I learned from my family life. The time I spend with investigators and bear testimony, I always tell them of the love that comes from the peace of the gospel and how much it has helped my family.....I love this work we are engaged in!
And I love yall!

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