Monday, March 24, 2014

Andrews wonderful letter!

Sooo, the eye holes of the mask are the mustache and it is made out of a workout band and yes I thought of the bus pics when I put them on my comp called me the monopoly man it is great... 

 MOM---You just need a top hat!! with your old tux for choir!!! 
Andrew---oh i don't think i could pull it off but from the general consensus here they think i need to be the host for a talent show as Drew Carey, oh boy that joke never gets the way the sister that called was Sister Buck one of the Senior Missionaries here. She is awesome and her husband is a world renound chemist that found the bacterial cure for ulcers. They are great! when I get home, we need to purchase a game called Cornhole....the best Kentucky game ever and dad could even make the boards!! So, I forgot my camera but I will tell you about the week. We picked up a few more families and we decided to work closer to the branch and decided to get the part member families full member...We have started teaching in force and the branch is finally starting to get the "work of salvation", due to a kind of throw down a stake conference. I think I may go into shock when I come home to a huge ward. On another note, today we were shopping and (Elder Johnson) my comps cards didn't go through and he was calling customer support for his card and some lady just came up and payed for him and told him to pay it forward it was one of those simple miracles. The people of Kentucky are amazing. Also we played Cornhole last night and had a Barbeque and fire over at one of the investigators houses that was having a birthday we are there boys and they have kinda adopted us it is kinda funny and scary at the same time...but boyo its never dull here 

 Well Dad, the redneck BBQ was kind of an excuse to pick up a free pot on the side of the road and use it for something constructive and our neighbors are jealous of it cause it is small and contained and that is the only type of barbecue you are allowed to have at our apartment complex we were super happy that we didn't have to buy any of the way my companion is counting down how long I have to go, cause he goes home in May and he wants me to share his misery, but I am just happy that I have quite a bit longer to go. :) most people need Jesus in their life...also I know what sketchy ghettos are...I have had numerous guns pulled out on me and we had to run the opposite way from a shooting that we came upon coming out of an alley, that was nuts...don't tell is dang fun though because there was one of the times where the guy came out on his porch and started the "you are worthless (blank profanity times ten)get off my property or I'm gonna shoot you both!" and then he lifted his shirt where his gun was supposed to be and it wasn't and he flipped yelling, "Man someone stole my heat right out of my waistband!" needless to say we scatted faster than i have ever ran in my life....oh the fun times on the mission. On another note today we were shopping and Elder J my comps cards didn't go through and he was calling customer support and some lady just came up and payed for him and tole him to pay it forward it was one of those simple miracles the people of Kentucky are i didn't write mom this much so you may have to just tell her what you think she can hear i love ya
***Funny boy, does he think Dad ever keeps stuff from me!!!?***

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