Thursday, March 13, 2014

March 10th, 2014 I'm BATMAN!!

Okay so this week in a summary....I am now companions with Elder Tagj Johnson from St George, Utah. We served together in my greenie area. I am now in Carrollton, Kentucky and boyo it has been a crazy week. I have met an investigator that "I just like the winters bro's" super funny. We had a great week and I am super crazy in the trying to learn the area thing again I am absolutly out of my mind....kinda like you mom :). I have now tried to fish out of the Kentucky river; the Ohio is next P-day. I can't tell ya how much fun this is other than the fact that, holy garbage, it is fun being a missionary. BTW paper letters would be legit! Remember I love ya fer always.

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Me and my new companion :) Elder Johnson

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